Perspective: It’s Your Story, Your View


Perspective: a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

I often hear from people that they would love to write their life story, but they are afraid what other people might think, specifically family members. This is particularly true if they have a painful story to tell.

My answer to them is that they have every right to write their own story, and if it involves other people, then it involves other people. That is life, unless you are a hermit living on a mountainside.

But there is a way to write the story that will protect others (if you wish), and that will keep others from feeling under attack. That doesn’t mean that you leave out the truth. It simply means that you present the story from your perspective, acknowledging that others might see things differently.

I just had an experience that illustrates this. Going down an ice slide with my best friend in Quebec City, I felt her sliding off of the sled, so I reached down to grip her and hold her on, risking my recently injured back in the process. But she has no memory of my actions. Instead, all she knows is that her snow pants caused her to start slipping on the plastic sled and she fought tooth and nail to stay in the sled as we careened down the hill. If I had written my memoirs of that moment before discussing the event with her, she might have called me a liar, declaring that I had done no such thing. (My back would say otherwise.)

Life is a matter of perspective.

So, don’t fear writing your life story and hurting someone in the process. I can certainly help you find a way to tell your story without unnecessary finger pointing or revenge.

Your life is your story. Let no one stop you from telling it.


One thought on “Perspective: It’s Your Story, Your View

  1. Linda LaFever February 3, 2017 / 6:26 pm

    Ann, you are so awesome!! This is true, and there is always a way to be kind….hugs!

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